Antique Wooden Dolls

photo of antique wooden doll

Our oldest doll - a stump doll with no legs (perhaps 600 years old) - accompanies an early English wooden doll in striped silk costume

Wind-up Carnival Swing

photo of carnival swing

The Eiffel Tower - a wonderful tin carnival swing with all-original German bisque dolls seated in each chair

Bears in Carriage

photo of vintage bears in carriage

Vintage bears ride in their beautiful antique carriage with wooden wheels and elegant canopy surrounded by lithographed train blocks; circa 1800's

French Fashion Dolls

photo of french fashion doll

Two bisque head French Fashion dolls in antique costumes stand on their antique leather trunk and carry parasols for sun protection alt[4]="photo of french fashion dolls";

Papier-mache Clapper

photo of papier-mache clapper

An extremely rare papier-mache clapper in foreign costume rings his bells in the automaton exhibit; our video illustrates the many motions and sounds of these 100 year old wonders

Rare Papier-mache Ladies

photo of papier-mache ladies

Two graceful papier-mache ladies from the 1800's in original, soft flowing gowns show rare and exquisite hairstyles and exposed ears

Alabama Baby

photo of Alabama Baby

An all-cloth, oil-painted Alabama Indestructible Doll by Ella Smith (circa 1899-1925) enjoys the company of two French cloth dolls in "Helper" uniforms